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How to Cast an Easy Magic Spell

How to Cast an Easy Magic Spell

Let some magic into your life! This is how you can cast an easy magic spell for love or money.

These easy yet powerful spell casting instructions were shared by the Voodoo Priest Brother Moloch.

The following spell conjures the spirit of St. Expedite, and does not require any particular powers or knowledge in the occult art. Simply follow the easy steps, preferably with a positive attitude if you want it to work!

While St. Expedite could be perceived as a fully canonized saint recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, he is actually quite popular in folk magic.

Make sure to come back and tell us if it worked for you or not ;) Good luck!

How to Cast an Easy Magic Spell:

Take a wallet sized picture of Saint Expedite & on the back of it write your name & what it is you desire. Put this on a plain white plate. On top of the Saint’s picture, lay a smaller photo of yourself. Cut a slice of pound cake & place this on top of your photo. Light a plain white tea light candle & set this on top of slice of pound cake. Face East, hold the plate aloft & say, “O St. Expedite, I ask that you help me with (insert desire here) . I pay you with your slice of pound cake.” Slightly bend your knees as you bow slightly forward.

Now turn clockwise & face the West still holding the plate aloft. Repeat as you did in the East. Then turn counter-clockwise & face the North, repeat as you did in the East & West, then turn South and repeat. When finished, set the plate down & let the candle burn itself out. You should see your desire manifest in seven to ten days but if the desire is big, it may take as long as 21 days to see any result. The rule of thumb is the bigger the desire, the longer it will take the Saint to manifest your desire.

Note: St. Expedite is a fair Spirit but He will not answer requests to become an instant millionaire or asking for your body appendages to grow & other silly requests. Use common sense & good judgment. Show the Spirits you have common sense & they will bend over backwards to help you.

I choose St. Expedite because He is someone who will work for anyone, of any race, creed or belief. He works inexpensively & quickly. Magicians all over the world revere this Spirit for His efficient & effective results.

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