Celebrity Birthdays


Catherine Zeta Jones
Catherine Zeta Jones is a Welsh actress who lives in the United States of America.
Born in United States


Samira Tawfik
Samira Tawfik also known as Sameera Tawfic is a famous Lebanese singer.
Born in Lebanon


Will Smith
Will Smith is a famous American actor, rapper and producer.
Born in United States


Kareem Wagdy
Exclusive interview with new Egyptian pop sensation Kareem Wagdy, singer of the hit single Ayez Aghanny.
Born in Egypt


Manmohan Singh
Manmohan Singh is the 17th and current Prime Minister of the Republic of India.
Born in India


Nesma Mahgoub
Nesma Mahgoub is an Egyptian singer, winner of Star Academy Arabia Lebanon Season 8.
Born in Egypt



New Photos from Lebanon

Maya Diab in Yellow Carole Samaha 2014 Nancy Ajram Black Dress Elissa New years eve photo 

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Jamal Fayad
قريباً ...

Carole Samaha
RT @CaroleMagazine: بالفيديو #كارول_سماحة تداعب الكلاب خلال تصوير كليب #هيدا_قدري

Joe Maalouf
touching story and sad end/Katie Prager,wife in the real Fault in Our Stars couple, died just days after her husband

One of the best things in life is seeing a smile on a persons face and knowing that you put it there Sweet dreams everyone

Roula Hamadeh
RT @FameFmLB: @roulahamadeh ل @Patricia_Hachem: مستمتعة جدا بتجربة المسرحية الثانية واجمل ما سمعت عنها انها تبرز على المسرح كل ما هو في قلب…

Middle East

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Angham in Red Dress Angham and Asala Singing Amr Diab in Dubai photo Lara Scandar with mic 

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Nabila Ramdani
Thank you, Andrew!

Mustafa Hosny
ربنا بيستجيب الدعاء في الوقت الأنسب ليك .. اطمن :)

Adham Nabulsi
حبايبي صار فيكم تسمعوا #ما_بشبع_منك على يوتيوب و تحملوها على @anghami. بانتظار رأيكم فيها

Nabila Ramdani
The world is failing #Syria and its people.

Khalid Ismail
Friday night class.. These guys are complete beginners to MMA and will fight in 6 weeks and money will go to...


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K Vrushali Photo 17 K Vrushali Photo 16 K Vrushali Photo 15 K Vrushali Photo 14 

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Madhur Bhandarkar
Ph: Евгений Никонов Оренбург...

Ram Gopal Varma
The Rain God I think is just a fucking egotistic bastard who decides to rain for no reason and also rain just for no fucking reason

Juhi Chawla
RT @ReduceRadiation: New study one step closer to linking cell phone radiation and cancer @iam_juhi @prmunshi @shir…

Shahrukh Khan
Is there a more satisfying feeling in the world than finding the perfect pair of…

Madhur Bhandarkar
Мd Slinky Lishinskiy...


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William Levy Photo William Levy Shirtless William Levy Photo wearing suit and tie William Levy Face Photo 

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Amber Rose
8 days left and we only have a little over 500 tickets remaining! Everyone must register to be…

Ellen Degeneres
We can all agree it’s an important election. Now you can register to vote with a text message. Make it count. Text HELLO to 384387

Mario Lopez
Love you @Variety but you're killin me! #VoluminousWig

Miley Cyrus
#Repost from @LateNightSeth

Ellen Degeneres
Who knew it would be Shiney Hiney Week?