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The Winner of American idol season 8

The Winner of American idol season 8

On the night of Wednesday the 20th of May 2009 and on Fox Channel, the American Idol season 8 winner was finally announced.

The celebration was at its best as famous singers from the eighty shared the stage and the singing, Rod Stewart , Cindy Lauper, Lionel Richie, Kiss and many more sang among the rest of the American idol students.

It was truely a show that was not to miss. The show was more like an award ceremony, where previous controversial contestants had their way to fame and to a trophy. among those award winners for best female was Tatiana Del Toro.

The last moments were the most tense of them all as the winner had to be announced, and to the shock of most people who thought that Adam Lambert was going to be crowned the winner, the vote results came opposite and Kris Allen was the winner of season 8 of American idol.

Kris Allen was shocked and bewildered and even said that Adam should have been the winner.

This was really an amazing season that had a lot of surprises, among which was the victory of a simple, honest and humble student with the name of Kris, from all the team of , Congratulations Kris, we all wait for your first album along with great singers such as you fellow contestants and future stars such as Adam and Danny Gokey.

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