SuperStar third season

SuperStar third season

The broadcast of SuperStar third season was delayed due to the assassination of Future TV Founder and Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik El Hariri.

Rania El Kurdi did not want to renew her hosting position for Season three, as a result she was replaced with Heba Al Sisi.
However, due to the hiatus over the Hariri scandal, Heba Sisi contract prematurely ended before the semi finals had even begun. All this left Ayman to host solo for the rest of the season.

For season three, 94 contestants advanced to Beirut. 21 from Lebanon, 6 from America, 4 from Australia, 8 from Egypt, 5 from Jordan, 9 from Syria, 32 from Tunisia and 5 from United Arab Emirates.

The semi finalists of Super Star three were as follows:
Samar Andeel (Egypt), Aida El Rahbani (Lebanon), Nancy Nasrallah (Lebanon), Rashel El Rasi (Lebanon), Hasna Zlagh (Morocco), Shahd Barmada (Syria), Asma Ben Ahmed (Tunisia), Asma Othmani (Tunisia), Fouzia El Betri (Tunisia), Olfa El Barhoumi (Tunisia), Yusra Hamzawi (Tunisia), Mohamed El Abd (Egypt), Mohamed Jamal (Egypt), Ahmed El Faleh (Iraq), Youssef Kazar (Iraq), Ibrahim Abd El Adheem (Libya), Hatem Adar (Morocco), Haitham El Shoumali (Palestine), Ibrahim El Hakami (Saudi Arabia), Anis Ltaief (Tunisia), Ayman Lseeq (Tunisia)

As of December 12 2005, the competition of Super Star has been delayed due to the assassination of Lebanese Parliament Member, Gebran Tueni, the results show scheduled to air on Monday December 12 2005 will be included with the results due on Monday December 19 2005.

On January 15 2006, the competition was once again postponed due to the passing of another key political figure, Jaber Al-Ahmad Jaber Al Sabbah. The performance show was recorded on Tuesday and then it was aired on Thursday January 19th. The votes from this round were combined with the performance show on January 22 with the elimination of 2 contestants.

On the evening of February 6, 2006, Ibrahim El Hakami from Saudi Arabia won the title of the SuperStar for the 3rd season Star over Shahd Barmada with a 53% to 47% votes. Along with his title as a SuperStar, Ibrahim El Hakami won a 2006 Ford Focus.

SuperStar Season 3 Top Winners
Ibrahim El Hakami (SuperStar 3 Winner)
Shahd Barmada February 6 2006
Ayman Lseeq January 30 2006
Ahmed El Faleh January 23 2006
Asma Othmani January 23 2006
Nancy Nasrallah January 9 2006
Haitham El Shoumali January 2 2006
Ibrahim Abd El Adheem December 26 2005
Asma Ben Ahmed December 19 2005
Hatem Adar December 19 2005
Samar Andeel December 5 2005
Yusra Hamzawi November 28 2005

Special guests of SuperStar 3
in the third season, special guests have been invited to offer their support and critiques.

Ayman El Aatar
Ammar Hassan
Hadi Aswad
Ranim Qteit
Tony Hana
Abdullah El Rowaished
Walid Tawfiq
Marwan Khoury
Nabil Shaeil
Lotfi Boushnaq
Julia Boutros
Nancy Ajram

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