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19 Star Academy Students for the fourth Season

19 Star Academy Students for the fourth Season

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Star Academy 4 Lebanon was launched on the eve of the 15th of December 2006. The fourth season had the number of students increased totaling to 10 girls and 9 guys from most of the arab countries. The Students ages range from 17 to 25 years old.

Its is good to note that 4 students are from Lebanon ( 2 girls and 2 guys) , 3 Students from Egypt ( 2 Girls and 1 Guy), 3 Students from Tunisia (2 Girls and 1 Guy), 2 Students from Bahrain (1 Girl, 1 Guy), in addition to 2 Girls from Morocco, 2 Guys from Kuwait and 1 Girl from Iraq, 1 Guy from Oman and 1 Guy from Saudi Arabia.

It is surprising that this season Star Academy does not have any candidates from Syria, Jordan or Qatar. I can think of many reasons why Syria was not included in the list of countries but I would have loved to see a candidate or two from Jordan or even Qatar.

To all the candidates out there we do wish you all the best of luck and wish that this season will not be interrupted by any political events as was the case with Star Academy 2 and 3.

The Girls Candidates:
Nelly Maatouk from Lebanon
Tina Yamout from Lebanon
Sally Ahmad from Egypt
Maisoun Sedky from Egypt
Marwa Bensghaier from Tunisia
Intissar Lazhar from Tunisia
Amal Lembary from Morocco
Iman Moulabbi from Morocco
Shada Hassoun from Iraq
Shorouq Ahmad from Bahrain

The Guys Candidates:
Dany Chamoun from Lebanon
Carlo Nakhleh from Lebanon
Abdul Aziz Al Aswad from Kuwait
Ahmad Dawood from Kuwait
Mohamed Kammah from Egypt
Khaled Fardan from Bahrain
Imad Jallouli from Tunisia
Ali Al Saad from Saudi Arabia
Ayoub Al Zadjali from Oman

To comment and give your feedback on each Candidate, click on his/her name and give your feedback on each candidate special webpage.
Lebanon Links will be featuring news/Photos and Videos of each Canadidate, let us know who you like most so we can focus on such a candidate more.

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