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Extreme Sports Protective Gear

Extreme Sports Protective Gear

Who looked better in full motorcycle protective gear, Yasmine Hamdan or Melissa?

Yasmine wore tight latex/PVC slacks and a black leather jacket for her motorcycle ride in Y.A.S. - Get it right, while Melissa chose a full protective back harness and gray leggings in her duo with Dr. Alban Tell Me What U Want.

They both respected basic safety measures (Melissa even went overboard a little) and were also equipped with a helmet. The YASA Association in Beirut should be very proud lol!

So what is your verdict people? Who did a better job?

Actually, Myriam Fares also drove a motor cycle in her Eih Elly Byehsal music video clip, but she didn’t have the full gear on; she chose not to wear a helmet while on her pretend ride. Instead, she enjoyed the wind blowing her hair, while she acted all feminine and did unrealistic acrobatic moves on her motorcycle ;)

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