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Beirut City Center Dome: the egg

Beirut City Center Dome: the egg

Beirut City Center, also known as the Beirut Dome or "the egg" is an intriguing concrete structure that was initially used as a cinema.

The Dome was designed by Philippe Karam in 1965 and used as a cinema. Due the Lebanese civil war, the structure was partially destroyed and later abandoned.

With the rebuilding initialized by Solidere in Down Town early 90s, a plan was set to refurbish the location. Numerous plans were presented for this purpose, including an avant-garde design proposed by the famous architect Bernard Khoury (creator of B018 Beirut). It was however aborted in 2004. The theater's dome shell was to be enveloped in mirrors, transforming it into a reflective surface and mimicking an extraterrestrial-like object.

Starting in the year 2000, the premises began to be used as a contemporary art exhibition center.

It is still unknown, but it seems the final plan is to demolish the Dome and build a skyscraper in its location.

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