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Country: Lebanon

Home Page of Dr Charles Khouri. The goal of this website is to make people aware of the research on a possible cure for paralysis.

--DWLayoutTable--Helping Paralyzed Dogs WalkCharles Khouri, M.D. began his research over 10 years ago experimenting on rabbit corneas in various stages of inflammation and scarring. In some ways the regeneration in rabbits corneas was similar to those of human tissue. Through his studies, Dr. Khouri found that rabbits regenerated cell tissue within the destroyed cornea of the eye. After the rabbits were treated, he began to notice a definite improvement in the condition of the test group of rabbits that were administered the compound used in earlier series of studies. Dr. Khouri did not realize that this research could lead to a new discovery of nerve cell regeneration in dogs with spinal cord injuries. The process of Dr. Khouri research took on a whole new approach, as he started experimenting on paralyzed dogs, using the same medication he administered to rabbits eyes. To find out how he went from rabbit eyes to paralyzed dogs click here. As a practicing ophthalmologist, surgeon and researcher, he was able to show that the treatment seemed to be successful in helping paralyzed dogs stand and walk. Copyright copy; Dr. Charles Khouri 2001-2005

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