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Country: Lebanon

A group of individual cat and dog rescue workers aiming to rise awareness for animal rights in Lebanon, and to find lasting homes for the homeless animals.

--First table-- ----BETA - ANIMALS BEIRUT.COM--First table ends-- --left menu start here--Animal Resources NewsAnimal AbuseAnimal RescueAnimal RightsAUB Animal Welfare ClubBEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETYBOARDING FACILITYCefn-yr-Erw Primate SanctuaryCHIMPANZEES smuggled into LebanonEMERGENCY APPEAL FOR FUNDINGHumane EducationLost FoundMedia Media CoveragePET CARE veterinary clinicPet Care/Spaying/NeuteringProject Movers ShakersUpcoming/Past EventsVegetarianismWSPABetas Monthly ExpensesMake a Donation Online BaboonsSuccess StoriesBirdsFeatured PetsCatsSeeking AdoptionSuccess StoriesFeatured PetsIn Loving MemoryDogsSeeking AdoptionSuccess StoriesFeatured PetsIn Loving MemoryFishFeatured PetsTurtlesSuccess StoriesFeatured PetsAnimal Forums DiscussionsAbout Animals Beirut.comMission StatementAdopt a Pet: Adoption FormHow You Can HelpProjects ExpensesSupport FeedbackContact UsGet Free E-mailLearn about Beirut.comAdvertising on form-- Join our mailing list and keep up to date with our events ---- --left menu end here-- What we want to do is find a permanent paradise for these animals. Yes, I call it paradise because thats what they deserve. They are almost like children who will never grow up and will stay innocent for as long as they live. So a paradise they do deserve. -O.G. BETASince we started our rescue mission, each and every one of us, BETA members and co-founders, always dreamt of giving our animals the least they deserve - a good home -Being based in Lebanon our mission has always been hard. Few are the people who show compassion towards animals and many are the ones who criticize the cause we fight for, asking us to help humans instead of animals.No matter how hard it feels and despite all the obstacles we have to go through every single day with our rescue efforts, we are and will always be here for the animals.For about three years now, BETA has been struggling hard and fighting for the animals, trying to relieve their suffering as much as possible and keep them safe and happy, away from cruelty and distress.In July 2006, Lebanon gets into a devastating war. It was mainly the innocent humans and the animals that were clearly suffering its terrible and painful consequences. The BETA team had to work in much harder conditions, under big risks, rescuing animals from war zones and around and looking after many other abandoned ones from people evacuating the country leaving their pets behind. During this very difficult period, our mission was getting more complicated and outside help had become a necessity. In less than two months our sheltered animals have more than doubled in numbers reaching 237 dogs and 205 cats.Many were the individuals and organizations who showed great compassion towards our animals and rescue efforts during the war. Help started to get through and this is where we met Best Friends, our animals biggest supporters during and after the war.Best Friends Animal Society is the

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