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Fanoos Company History

Fanoos was launched back in the year 1996 when it hit the Lebanese market under the name Lebanon Links. The site back then was limited to Links related to Lebanon. Slowly the site made its way to the hearts of people when Lebanon Links - Heart 2 Heart Dating service was introduced. The site got a lot of attention from the media during the 1997 and 1998 when it started National polls for the Best Television and Best ISP in the country. In addition Lebanon Links introduced featured Lifestyle stories, which drew more visitors to the site.

In the year 1998, Lebanon Links was received the Best Portal Site in the Middle East Award from the Abu-Dhabi Television.

In the year 1999, Lebanon Links grew beyond the Lebanese territories as the whole Middle East countries were covered in its directory under the name

First steps towards web content were introduced when Fanoos name came in the picture with the launch of a Web portal for the Middle East.

The three sites, Lebanon Links, MELinks and operated at the same time for more than 10 years serving visitors with the latest and most up-to-date information.

In June of 2008, the biggest step came into execution when the three sites merged into a single complete web portal, known as Fanoos was the official name to be used for marketing and communications. The site was re-launched with focus on both Eastern and Western countries. Fanoos serves more than 40 countries around the world, serving communities and viewers from across the globe.

Fanoos Web Projects

Fanoos provides more than 25 specialized web products or projects.

The Web Directory is by far the oldest and biggest service of the company, serving more than 30 countries with Web customized related links. The encyclopaedia is the second largest product of the company; it serves as a repository and databank for most known names and their related news from around the world. The encyclopedia is managed and monitored by officers and editors from around the world, with a unique vision towards perfection.

The Love and Dating and Yellowpages are the most popular and most used services on the site. Patterns and Anniversary are the unique web product which are provided by For a complete list of our products and tools, make sure you check our complete list of products and services.

Fanoos Goals, Strategy and Commitment (first known as Lebanon Links) is the Middle East largest Information and content distributor and a leading provider of web services and products.

Through its various roles, Fanoos is committed to providing the visitors around the world with a one-stop source of information for all their needs. This goal is pursued through a portfolio of web formats across more than 30 countries from around the world.

Fanoos is known for the quality, innovation and value of its content offering. Innovative Web Content is at the heart of its offering. Fanoos provide a wide, growing and successful range of products and services which target both the East and the West.

Fanoos is committed to a strategy developed under three core themes: User Interactivity, Innovation and Expansion. The Company strives to be user focused, with the goal of achieving long term growth for its many web services. Fanoos works to ensure that its technology and systems logistics enhance the efficiency of the users browsing the site.

Over 250,000 unique visitors from around the world with more than 100,000 from North America make use of our business. This makes one of fastest growing web portals. Fanoos strives to contribute to the organizations it serves and to be proactive within the different communities around the globe.