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Image Policy

Fanoos Photos Terms, Policy and use of Images
Fanoos warns members on not sharing any copyrighted material, Fanoos shall keep on monitoring the images shared by its members however can not be held responsible for any material that might be liable to copyrights.

Our Photo section contains four types of photos fully explained with copyrights of each photo in terms, use and policy of photos on Fanoos

Service Photos:
These photos are provided directly by Fanoos and for which Fanoos provides full credit to the photographer or organizations which provided the images.

Promotional Photos:
These photos are usually copyrighted publicity photographs. It is believed that the use of some of these photographs to illustrate: the person, product, event, or subject in the absence of a free alternative, on the English-language of Fanoos and Middle East, hosted on servers in the United States qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law. Fanoos will try to provide full credit to the photographer or organization who took the photos if the image had credit on it. However Fanoos shall not be held responsible in case the photograph credit was not attached to promotional photos. It is the sole responsibility of the photographer to contact us directly and provide us with information to update and credit the owner of the promotional work.

Peer Shared Photos:
These are photos which are shared by members or visitors of the site. Fanoos provides each member with a warning message about copyrights of images that they might infringe. It will be the sole responsibility of the member to upload and share photos that are their very own, or for which they got consent from the photographer/owner of photo. Henceforth, Fanoos will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement of any photo what so ever if provided by peer/member sharing program.

Linked Engine Photos:
These are thumbnail photos that are generated automatically by our search engine and for which no credit is needed. These photos link directly to the source of the image and to the website hosting the image itself. Copyrights of those images are normally stated at the hosting website and hence the hosting website is full responsible for such images. This is a similar service to what Google Image Search provides, however the main focus of the images are driven from Middle East related websites.

Image Content Safety:
Fanoos keeps an eye on the photos to make sure that they are not of any adult or obscene nature. Fanoos keeps the image of a family and user safe browsing. However Fanoos will not be help responsible for any linked websites or Linked Images. Most of our image search engine work is done automatically and human intervention is only active when necessary.