Hayfa Wehbeh

Hayfa Wehbeh

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Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Haifa Wehbe, also written Hayfa Wehbi or Wehbeh, is a pop singer from Lebanon.

Haifa Wehbe launched the trend of beautiful models turning into singers in the Arab World. She has been called the Marilyn Monroe of the Arab world or Femme Fatale de l’Orient, and the Tabloids simply adore her!

Haifa broke all conventions and norms in traditional Arabic music videos and proudly displays her sexy body on TV without inhibitions. It is also believed, that with Haifa emerged the concept of an Oriental pin-up Art in the Arab World. We believe however that this could be instead attributed to the pioneer in this field, the female artist Lebanese Madona.

A bit too plastic to the taste of some, still her beauty cannot easily be overlooked (this might no longer apply today as she has recently adopted a more natural look. refer to plastic surgery below). Haifa Wehbe, considered the Sexiest Arab Woman of our Era, also christened the first and only official Top 100 list of its kind in the Arab world by ranking#1 in Sexy Arab Women 2010. Haifa had previously ranked 6th on the list of Sexiest and Most Desirable Arab Women for 2009, and 49th in the 2006 Edition of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women by the website AskMen. Haifa Wehbe is said to be the Muse of the Plastic Surgery Industry in the Middle East; most Arab clients fly to Lebanon to get operated, hoping to look like her. See Haifa plastic surgery before and after photos. Just like Kylie Minogue, Madonna, or Cher, Haifa Wehbe is also considered as a Gay Icon in the Middle East. Thanks to her glamour, flamboyance and extroverted sex appeal, she has gathered a large following within the Arab LGBT communities. She is indisputably an Arabic pop culture phenomenon. She is often the inspiration of the female impersonator Bassem Feghali.

Haifa Wehbe was born on the 10th of March 1976 in Mahloula South Lebanon. She was only 16 years old when she won a local beauty contest. In 1995, she also took part in the the Miss Lebanon Pageant. For a few years, Haifa gave modeling a try and starred in music videos next to Arabic singers such as Georges Wassouf and Saber Al Roubai.

In 1996, Haifa was in massive demand for fashion shows. Owing it all to her Eastern Mediterranean features, her photos made the cover of more than 110 magazines.

Haifa disappeared for a while, before returning with a music career in mind. At first, no one took her seriously as she clearly lacked the basic requirements; no obvious vocal abilities nor fundamental knowledge in music. Haifa had another weapon, her looks! On her first Television interview, no one could recognize the old Haifa as she had undergone numerous plastic surgeries to further enhance her beauty. She was a new person, ready to challenge on her own terms the stars of the pop industry! Rotana Music company and her legions of fans had encouraged Haifa to make a progression into the Music Industry.

The obliged Haifa released her first hit single Agoul Ahwak, a latin inspired tune. Its immediate success was partly due to the video that showcased a sexy Haifa dancing in the rain with her red drenched dress tightly draping her body.

Haifa then released her debut album Howa El Zaman in 2002, filled with dance tracks where Haifa mostly sighs rather than actually sings.

Her fan-base started growing uncontrollably, and soon Haifa was more popular than Fairouz!

Haifa Wehbe became a trend setter and all the beautiful women in Lebanon and the Arab world soon tried to follow in her footsteps, hoping to achieve similar stardom. Fortunately, Haifa had much more than just looks, she had attitude! That was what set her apart from all the other imitators.

It was now time for Haifa to ensure the future of her reign. She released in 2006 the hit Bus al-Wawa (Kiss the boo-boo) that targeted, thanks to the baby talk, the younger generations. Her complete Baby Album soon followed in 2010. However, the older fans seemed to like the songs more, since most of the lyrics doubled as hidden sexual references!!!

In 2009, Haifa Wehbe gave the Big Screen a try, and took the leading role in a low budget Egyptian movie Dokhan Shehata. It was a dreadful disappointment to all her fans, who always pictured Haifa in Hollywood.

Today, Haifa Wehbe can be seen casually walking on the red carpets of most glamorous international film festivals of the world, in the company of highly acclaimed stars such as Omar El Sharif.

Haifa Wehbe’s biography could have been fully placed here, as her career itself was always problematic and subject to controversy. In her early beginnings, she was shunned for being too vulgar in her videos and was temporarily banned from entering and performing in most Arab states.
In April 2008, the Islamist-dominated parliament of Bahrain passed a motion to ban an expected performance by Haifa Wehbe.
In 2009, Haifa Wehbe meddled in the tough Egypt–Algeria World Cup dispute, taking sides with Egypt(the country that had supported her career and given her Ahmad Abou Hashima her husband). She allegedly insulted the Algerian fans at the match and called them terrorist thugs. As a result, Algeria banned her from ever performing in the country.

Haifa Wehbe also accused Nidal Al Ahmadieh of trying to break her up from her husband, and was said to be behind the rumors of Haifa Wehbe Divorce.

Haifa is also known for her rivalry and Catfight quarrels with Rola Saad.

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