Sexiest Arab Woman of our Era

Sexiest Arab Woman of our Era

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Haifa Wehbe, believed to be The Sexiest Arab Woman of our Era, has recently christened the first and only Top 100 list of its kind in the Arab World by ranking #1 in Sexy Arab Women 2010 contest!

After her successful crossover into singing, this trendsetter inspired other models to also take the courageous step. The long list of beautiful followers includes Dominique Hourani, Rola Saad, Cyrine Abdelnour, etc…to name a few. She was also entitled to her very own 3D virtual humanoid singer competitor called Yaya Yay.

Her beauty is said to be a benchmark in the Arab World, and most women aspire to look like her. This is why she is The Muse of the Plastic Surgery Industry in the Middle East!(Read of article entitled Plastic Surgery Statistics)

Haifa has most certainly broken all stereotypes on what an Arab woman should be like, and has set off an unstoppable liberation movement in the Middle East. She has also influenced the younger generations. The anecdote goes something like this: When asked who they would like to be when they grow up, 2 out of 3 little girls reply Haifa. (The third almost inevitably answers Nancy Ajram of course)

Many people are obsessed with her, and see her in everything and everyone around them; a Barbie doll, a Bollywood star, ….and no one has mentioned this before, but we are convinced that the mermaid character in the animation movie Waltz With Bashir, was based on Haifa! The resemblance is shocking!

Her intriguing fame took on an international dimension, and she soon aroused the interest of the western media. We always imagined that Haifa would end up on the Big Screen in Hollywood, and we cannot begin to express our disappointment when she turned up in the less flattering Dokhan Shehata!

This was the perfect opportunity for us to get our answers. Enjoy below our exclusive little interview with the iconic Diva herself! Exclusive Interview with Haifa Wehbeh, Winner of the Top100 Sexiest Arab Women 2010 Contest

Does anyone help you with your image, or are you the only one to decide how you wish to come across to the public? Do you have an image consultant for example?

Yes I have a look consultant that takes care of my image specially that the trend changes from one season to another, but sometimes I don't feel myself into a certain piece so I just open my closet and scratch my head and grab a piece even if its old…I want to feel good.

Why haven't we seen you yet on the big screen in Hollywood?!

I didn't do a Hollywood movie because I never felt good about it, specially after my friend passed away and she was the one who introduced me to the international script that we never did. Maybe in the coming future, I will reduce my laziness and go ahead for the coming projects.

Sorry, we didn’t know that. We certainly hope you would, anyway! Do you promise your fans big surprises in the coming future?

Yes, I am working on a lot of big surprises soon and I will not talk about them for now. My new music video "Yama Layali" directed by Yehya Saade was recently released on all TV channels. For Fanoos site I will say I have 3 beautiful surprises for my fans, 1 is big projects with world wide D.Js beside David Vendetta, 2 is cinema and 3 is TV.

Thank you a lot for this interview Haifa. We are looking forward to all your new releases. Any last words?

Thank you for the lovely questions, and yes a big thanks to my fans that have voted for me… Thank you for your love & support!

From all the team here at Fanoos, Thank you Haifa and congratulations for winning the title. Special Thanks to your amazing fanclub and the people behind it.

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