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Shorinji Kempo in Lebanon

Country: Lebanon

Provides an introduction to the Japanese martial art of Shorinji Kempo and information about where you can train in Lebanon.

Accessibility | Site Map | Contact Web Mastershorinji kempo in lebanonhomeabout shorinji kemposhorinji kempo in lebanonnews amp; eventsphoto galleryfaqslinksVenue InformationBeirutContact UsIf you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Beirut branch master, Sensei Sam Majed.Latest NewsTraining Seminar(March, 2006)Japan 2006(March 14 - 19, 2006)End of Year Party(December 18, 2005)Welcome to the Shorinji Kempo Website for LebanonOn these pages you will find an introduction to the Japanese martial art of Shorinji Kempo, its development in Beirut, Lebanon, and links to Shorinji Kempo organisations from all around the world.Due to the unfortunate developments in the area, training at the Beirut branches has been indefinitely suspended. As of 18/7/2006, All the kenshi in Lebanon are safe, some have left Lebaon to other countries, but the majority have simply left Beirut to safer areas. This situation is likely to escalate further before getting any better, training will resume once a clearer picture of what is going to happen develops. The Shorinji Kempo Beirut Branches would like to thank all people form all over the planet for their emails, concern and support.You will also be able to find practical information, such as training venues in Beirut, and be able to keep abreast of events like seminars and demonstrations, in the news amp; events and photo gallery sections.home | about shorinji kempo | shorinji kempo in lebanon | news amp; events | photo gallery | faqs | links

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