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Sawt El-Mousika

Country: Lebanon

Sound of Music Lebanon, A Lebanese Arabic Entertainment Radio, Abyab w Aswad by Randa El Murr is a major program played on this radio station.

Sawt El-Mousika S.A.L.
Sawt El-Mousika is a second-degree company.
It received the broadcasting permission (numbered 114) from the Lebanese government on 17/September/1996

Mailing Address
Sawt El-Mousika
Wadih Nassrallah center - 7th floor
Anwar Street, Jdeideh, Beirut, Lebanon

Phone: +961-1-878819 / 20 and +961-1-888456 / 567

Broadcasting Information
Started broadcasting in October 1998

Our coverage is as follows:
Beirut & Mount Lebanon: 106.5 & 106.9 FM
Bekaa: 106.5 & 106.9 FM
South Lebanon: 106.7 FM
North Lebanon: 106.7 FM
Damascus/Daraa/Soueide/Kounaitra: 106.5 FM
Homos/Tartous/Lazkia: 106.7 FM
Jordan: Arbad/Moaan/Jarash: 106.5 FM
Cyprus on 106.5 & 106.9 FM
Egypt: 106.5 FM
Turkey: 106.5 FM

All over the world through our live audio service.

- Covering the most important international and arabic festivals
- Organizing all the festivals in Lebanon, Syria, Dubai and more than Ramadan Tents
- Representing several different programs (art, social, sports ...)
- Producing series acted by the most famous actors from many Arabic Countries
- Sound of Music got the first degree upon Radio Stations according to official statistics
- In this station we have the best Lebanese Advertisers

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