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--mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme--KingFahd International AirportKFIA, Dammam SaudiArabia--mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme--Introductionto KFIA in English--mstheme----mstheme--PCANewsThe New CAC Law--mstheme----mstheme--Introductionto KFIA in Arabia--mstheme----mstheme----mstheme--Also SeeInternationalAviation Related Links--mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme--Click for link toKFIA Inauguration Ceremony--mstheme----mstheme--DESIGN BACKGROUNDThe terminal complex is planned to accommodate two major terminals: onefor Saudi Arabia national air carrier, and the other for foreign air carriers. Theterminals and their concourses will face each other across a central area, developed inthe manner of a park, extending between the aircraft cross-taxiways at each end of thecomplex.--mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme--The West Terminal - first of the two to be constructed - was planned to handle 11.6million passengers per year by 1995 and 16.2 million passengers by 2005. It ischaracterized by a monumental portico on the landside. The portico emphasizes a gesture ofwelcome to passengers on both the arrival and departure levels. The airside consists of alinear concourse which provides access to and from the aircraft through 31 contact gates.The park will contain a control tower and support building, a parking structure, and amosque set in a plaza surrounded by formal gardens. Remote from this central terminalcomplex, there is another terminal; The royal pavillionis for use by the King, his entourage, and foreign dignitaries.--mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme--A view from the tower roof looking straight ahead.To the left is the passenger terminal and the runway. To the right side is the Royalterminal.The mosque is the other principal structure, whichis huge and takes center stage of the main airport design.King Fahd International Airport is about 70km fromDhahran International Airport.--mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme--Another view showing the main passenger terminal. The interior ofthe terminal is extremely beautiful and has been carefully designed.At present there are about eleven steerable docking tunnels toensure that aircraft arrivals are moved quickly and efficiently into the terminal.--mstheme----mstheme----mstheme----mstheme--The tower is one of the tallest and most elegantthat I have seen, if the lifts arent working there are fifteen storeys to be climbedbefore you get to the VCR. The VCR is extremely spacious, and can accommodatefifteen controllers comfortably. During strong winds the tower can sway by as much as2 feet at the top, you can feel quite sea-sick--m

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