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Arabic art, architecture and calligraphy

Islamic Arts and Architecture (IAAO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information on arts and architecture. With a strong commitment to research and service, IAAO strives to offer a Web presentation of the highest quality and to promote the awareness of Islamic arts as a humanistic study, recognizing the inter-relationship between the arts and other academic disciplines ... more ...:: Are you interested in Islamic cultureIf yes, watch this series of short films about Islam and related subjects including, the Five Pillars of Islam, Family in Islam, and the meaning of Jihad in Islam.This series of films is sponsored and produced by Abdulaziz bin Baz Charity Foundation (ABCF).Click here to read about and view ABCF films.:: Islam Empire of FaithPBS produced one of the best multimedia presentation about Islam -- arts, faith, and culture. quot;Islam Empire of Faith quot; Video/DVD, Book, and Web site present as broad a portrait of Islamic art and culture as possible, in order to show the great diversity as well as the fundamental unity of Islamic civilization in its long and varied history.:: GlossaryThis Glossary is designed to be a comprehensive and un-authoritative source of definitions for the Islamic and Arabic-related terms and abbreviations:AB C D EF GHIJ K LMNOPQR S T UV W XYZ:: Floral, Geometric, and Desktop ThemesClick here to download floral, geometric patterns and designs, as well as desktop themes for your PC.:: PublicationsWe invite you to publish your articles, essays, or papers on the IAAO Web site. Click here for more information.My IAAO Mission Statement FAQJoin usContact us Search Media reviews DirectorySchools MuseumsJobs ResourcesBibliography Historical EventsArticles CommunityGreeting Cards Downloads Last updated:--webbot botTimestamp s-typeREGENERATED s-format%A %B %d, %Y startspan --Sunday June 27, 2004--webbot botTimestamp endspan i-checksum29724 --Copyright ?1995-2003 Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization.All rights reserved.

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