Talent Casting

Facts & Information about Talent Casting

TV Channels often organize extensive castings to find the perfect candidates for their programs, like reality TV shows, Talent shows,etc.. or simply for their vacant positions of anchors and TV presenters.

While only few lucky ones make it to the final show, many are not selected among the official contestants, or are dismissed early on in the show.

Talent Casting will be therefore reserved for those 'raw talents' that were spotted during such circumstances. Some of them might at a later stage still get their breakthrough out of anonymity, who knows!

Saif Dinne Hmidi
Sanaa Mohamed
Zainab Tamori
Ahmed Bukasha
Valeria Al Khoury
Sami Al Zamil
Hossam Hani Zayed
Sadiq Saleh
Sanaa Rajab
Myriam Takrouni
Ali Al Dosari