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Facts & Information about Star Academy 3

Star Academy third season started in the beginning of the year 2006.

In the third season, LBC decided to do some dramatic changes, in order not to lose the charm of the program which was not a big success in its second season.

Star Academy 3 featured a new set of teachers, new classes including Arabic Poetry.

Normally there are 16 Candidates (8 Females, 8 Males) however the third season was different, the number has changed to become a total of 10 Males and 9 Females, totally to 19 Candidates.

As the Final Prime ended, Joseph Attieh from Lebanon won the third season of Star Academy Arabia.

Joseph got almost 55% of the total votes. Joseph Attieyh is the first Lebanese candidate to win in Star Academy Lebanon since it began.

Joseph walked away with his new title, as well as prizes like $50,000 and a Toyota Yaris.

Nawal El Zoghby appeared twice singing her single, Rohy Ya Rohy, and Shou Akhbarak.

Manal Tahhan
Jihane El Khamass
Chadiya Semlali
Mohamad Dossry
Marwa Nasr
Issa El Hassan
Wajdi Lak Hal
Mohamad Fahed
Rakiya Ibrahim
Mohamad Ibrahim
Maya Nehmeh
Chayma Hilaly
Khalifa Salem
Hanna El Idrissi
Star Academy 3 Winner Joseph Attieh
Star Academy 3 Candidates