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Facts & Information about Star Academy 2

The second season of Star Academy featured similar settings as Star Academy 1.
The Second season started on the 31st of December 2004.
Star Academy 2 ended on the 15th of April 2005.

Star Academy 2 was not a big success as the show stopped for one week when former Lebanese prime minister Rafic El Hariri was assassinated on the 14th of February2005.

For three successive weeks, the weekly prime was interrupted by explosions in Lebanon, on the 26th March 2005, the 1st of April 2005 and on the 8th April 2006.

Many Lebanese and Arab people were so busy with the security breaches and the unstable situation that no one literary cared to follow the reality show.

The second season witnessed some other changes including the return of the Iraqi member Bashar El Kaisy, who left the academy earlier after nomination.
Bachar Al Qaisi stayed over in the academy for two more weeks, but he had no activity or Pariticpation in Prime shows or even the daily classes.

Hisham from Saudi Arabia won by a close 51.85% over Amani from Tunisia.
Hisham was crowned as the star of Star Academy 2, Hisham also won $50,000 and a Ford Mustang GT 2005.

Katia Haraka
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Fahed El Zayed
Iman Mezher
Zizi Adel
Joy Basous
Randa Hafez
Ahmad Salah El Din
Ahmad Houssein
Anas El Ramli
Samer Doumit
Amani Souissi
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