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Facts & Information about Star Academy 1

The first season of the show was first aired during December, 2003. The winner was the Egyptian student, Mohammad Attia also known as (Mohamed Attieh or Mohammed Attiyeh).

The Eight finalists were Mohammad Attih from Egypt, Bashar El Shatti from Kuwait, Sophia El Mareekh from Morroco, Bahaa' Al Kafy from Tunisia, Ahmed El Sherif from Tunisia, Myriam Attallah from Syria, Mohammad Khalawi from Saudi Arabia and Cynthia Karam from Lebanon.
The Star Academy 1 eight winners went on a Pan Arab Tour where they performed concerts in Dubai, Kuwait, Cairo & Alexandria in Egypt. They also performed in Amman, Damascus and many other countries.

Star Academy 1 season ended on the 4th of April Mouhamed Attieh crowned as the first Arab Star Academy Member in history.

Cynthia Karam
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Bruno Tabbal