Miss Lebanon

Facts & Information about Miss Lebanon

Miss Lebanon is the most important and the official beauty contest in Lebanon. While the contest dates back to even before the 1960s. The last few years, the show undertook major changes, when the contest took the form of a reality television show thanks to LBC which hosts this beauty contest.

Miss Lebanon is the only national beauty contest that awards big prizes worth over half a million US dollars to its winners.

Thanks to the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) who has been hosting Miss Lebanon Contest for many years, the show took a dramatic change in the year 2004. The beauty contestants who compete for the crown, live together for six weeks in a Villa in Adma (The same villa which hosts Star Academy Lebanon).

Some Lebanese beauty contestants have reached the semi-finals of Miss World such as Joélle Behlock and Marie José Hnein.
However the only Miss Lebanon to have won a title were Georgina Rizk (Miss Universe 1971) and Christina Sawaya (Miss International 2001).

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