Salvador del Solar

Salvador del Solar

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Gender: Male

Nationality: United States

Salvador del Solar is a famous Peruvian actor, mostly appearing in Latin Telenovelas.

Salvador Alejandro Jorge Del Solar Labarthe, known as Salvador del Solar, was born on May 1, 1970 in Lima, Peru. Tore, as he is often called by friends, went through the divorce of his parents while still a young child. Salvador’s athletic fit body enabled him to join the Peruvian water polo team for more than 7 years, and also to give swimming classes at summer academies.

After graduating with a law degree from the Catholic University of Peru and shortly working in a law firm, Salvador del Solar fled that austere atmosphere for the more pleasant entertainment industry. The famous Peruvian director and prestigious acting tutor Alberto Isola was casting at his Performance Workshop. Salvador auditioned for a drama course and luckily was accepted. Salvador worked in some plays, then, his break into Television came in 1996 with the soap opera “Lluvia de Arena” ( Rain of Sand) where he got the leading role next to the gorgeous Olenka Zimmermann . That was his doorway to fame and success, with many more Peruvian, Mexican and Colombian series that followed.

Salvador’s female fans, as well as the critics, fell in love with him as Lalo Dupont in the TV series "Escandalo” (1997), starring Christian Meier and Lorena Meritano. In 1999, Salvador del Solar overdid himself in Francisco Lombardi's big screen blockbuster “Pantaleon y las Visitadoras” (released in English as Captain Pantoja and the Special Services) which earned him many awards for best actor in a leading role such as the Gramado Film Festival 2000 (in Brazil), Cartagena Film Festival (in Colombia), and Troia Film Festival (in Portugal). Salvador starred next to Angie Cepeda, who portrayed a prostitute. The movie was a smash hit in all of Colombia, Spain, Peru and Argentina, mostly because of the sensual steamy scenes between the two starlets.

Salvador del Solar is known in most of the Arab World and Africa as ANDRES, thanks to the dubbed TV series “Fiorella”, which aired on many Arab Televisions including LBC. The original telenovela produced in 2000 is actually called “Pobre Diabla”(Poor Devil) and stars Angie Cepeda as Fiorella Morelli Flores de Mejia Guzman.

Salvador del Solar is married to Ximena Bellido Denegri since 1998 and has two kids.

He also manages his own theater production company “Se Va El Tren Producciones”.

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