Ron Mustafaa Abbud Skins

Ron Mustafaa Abbud Skins

Gender: Male

Nationality: Canada

Ron Mustafaa is a young Canadian actor, known as Abbud from Skins TV series.

Ron Mustafaa is of Indian origins. He was born on December 3rd, 1989. He is currently at the University of Toronto majoring in Political Science.

Ron Mustafaa became known after starring as Abbud the fictional character in the American adaptation of Skins, a character based off Anwar Kharral from the original UK show. Abbud is a teenager torn between uber-religious parents and a serious need to party.

Ron Mustafaa originally wanted to become a lawyer, but since he was like 10 or 11, his mom really wanted him to become an actor. She grew up in India and really wanted to get into acting herself, but never had the opportunity. In a way she lived her dream through him.

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