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World Predictions 2011

World Predictions 2011

Here are the World Predictions on an International level by Leila Abdel Latif.

General World Predictions 2011-2012-2013-2014:

3 years of Earthquakes: small ones in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria. Bigger and more destructive ones in China, Pakistan, India, Japan, Iran, and Turkey.

Most people will suffer from skin problems related to chemical or nuclear (predicted on April 24 2011)

Volcano - Airports will close again, situation worse than before, big losses for companies. (Countries are invited to focus more on other means of ground transportation.)

Increase in poverty in the world 2011-2014, which leads to general strikes and mass demonstrations.

Predictions for France and Europe :

More scandals to come related to the Church, Vatican and the Pope.

Islamophobia will increase in France and Europe..clashes and riots.

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni will split.

Predictions for America :

Obama's Ruling will be interrupted... He will not resolve any of the financial or political difficulties facing the USA. ...Civil strife to hit the United States ... Racist clashes between blacks and whites, etc...

Another 11 of September expected to occur.

Natural disasters in USA.

Predictions for Russia:

Terrorism in Russia to persist with more incidents expected.

Predictions for Arab World and Middle East:

-Pilgrimage of Arab Christians to Palestine (predicted in April 2011)

Urgent Arab Summit to try and resolve important issues. All Arab countries will show unprecedented support; Syria, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc... Reconciliations between Arab countries and renewed solidarity...

Syria: Bashar el Assad will govern a summit in Damascus for a new resolution of Lebanese conflict, something similar to Taef and Doha accord. He will also initiate something similar for Palestine, to support the Palestinian cause.

Libya: to have a stronger role in the region.

Iran: Renewed protests and unrest in the country of Iran. Iran will continue extracting and exploiting enriched uranium...Iranian Industry to see a strong growth.

There will be no regional strikes or wars.

Egypt: After large repression campaigns in Egypt by the ruling party, Jamal Moubarak will become the next president.

Change of government in Israel (occupied Palestine) after political conflicts. (Predicted in April 2011)

Predictions for Asia:

Peace treaty between North Korea and South Korea, with the support of China.

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