Patrice Ryan

Patrice Ryan

Gender: Female

Nationality: United States

Patrice Ryan is a pet Psychic, a Medium and a Celebrity Mentalist & Healer.

Patrice Ryan has the gift of communicating with animals. She is also a psychic healer and is sought after by many celebrities in the USA. She is sometimes referred to as Doctor Dolittle (Pet Press).

Ryan’s gift of communicating with animals stemmed up from a very young age (5 -7). Though they did not own pets at the family home (Orange County, CA) at first, she could pick up signals from the neighbors’ dog. Patrice has always had an affinity for all animals, and would just know what they were thinking. She just didn’t make much of it at the time, but after only doing a bit of college she decided to make a career out of this talent.

This decision proved to be the right one as she has recently gained a lot of popularity, and has so far appeared on numerous TV and radio shows. Patrice Ryan made an appearance on David Hasselhoff's Reality TV Show “THE HASSELHOFFS”, on E! Entertainment, and has even made it all the way to France with 50 Minutes Inside on TF1 (January 2011). In 2005, she had also produced her own Katrina documentary, which led to many other television projects based on her life and work as a Pet Psychic.

Patrice Ryan is able to channel in-depth information based on the questions and concerns provided by her clients. She telepathically gets audible messages from pets, and claims they all have different personalities, and different ways of communicating with her. While some are elementary, others prove to be more advanced with different spiritual levels; Some animals are highly evolved. She has read for cats, dogs, donkeys, horses, birds, and even fish. She does Distance Healing Work over the phone and also in person. In a funny anecdote, she claims a client of hers once had a fighting fish. After doing a phone psychic reading and channeling esoteric messages, she noted that the fish wanted the owner to know it didn’t like the view from the aquarium, and the new fish food she has started using. The fish apparently also sent Patrice visual messages suggesting the owner walks around naked in the house. Since then, her client stopped this bad habit:)

Patrice also wondered if the fish food has changed Needed to move the place, or didn’t like the food change. Or can see a vision.

Patrice Ryan expanded her natural gifts and studied aromatherapy, crystals, Qi Gong, meditation, Chinese medicine, tuning forks, nutrition, and different courses on healing DNA through living math. She runs her own business, Celestial Crystals, and sells Intuitive Healing bath salts and similar products.

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