Francois-Regis Navarre

Francois-Regis Navarre

Gender: Male

Nationality: France

Francois-Regis Navarre is a French photographer, owner of a big paparazzi Agency in Hollywood.

François-Régis Navarre originally worked as a war photographer for Le Monde and Paris Match, at the heart of conflicts such as in Cambodia or Iraq. Then, he changed course to hunt for stars in Hollywood instead!

François-Régis Navarre had been sent by Le Monde in 1992 to cover a series of riots in Los Angelos.
At the time, there wasn't really a well established paparazzi industry in Hollywood. He saw the opportunity and quickly ceased his chance at a booming business. He received a whopping $ 70 000 for a picture of Sharon Stone with her boyfriend....

François-Régis Navarre now runs one of the biggest paparazzi agencies in Los Angeles called X17, making millions of dollars chasing celebrities.

With a team of 120 assisting photographers, every celebrity is covered; Britney Spears alone, has 10 photographers following her around 24/7!

X17 is based in a small house in the chic Beverly Hills. Some of the most famous paparazzi photos the agency has sold to international tabloids include the first photos of Micheal Jackson's children, and Britney's shaved head, Paris Hilton handcuffed by police...

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