Djamel Mehnane

Djamel Mehnane

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Gender: Male

Nationality: France

Djamel Mehnane is a French actor and Music Hall singer of Arab descent.

Djamel Mehnane played Renaud in the teen French musical TV Series 'Chante', created for France2 by Jean-Pierre Hasson and Olivier Thiébaut in 2008. Other actors included Sam Touzani as Karim Brahi, Karim Merabet as Wlad , Laurent Marion as Stan, and Emmanuelle Bouaziz as Krystel.

Djamel Mehnane also starred in the Musical Theatre Grease 2008-2009 as Danny (John Travolta) in its French adaptation in Paris.

In 2010, Djamel was part of the cast for the movie S'Enfuir Avec Toi by Gaël Morel.

He also appeared in the famous TV series Plus belle la vie France 3 in a few episodes in 2007, as Rémi.

Djamel also played a leading role (gay character) in Les Amazones with Chantal Ladesou and Sonia Dubois, a theatrical play that got a lot of good reviews. The show was so successful, it was later broadcasted on Television in its integrality.

Djamel Mehnane was born on 12 June 1983. He
studied at Cours Florent, song with Pierre Yves Duchesne, and dance with Michel Durand (2003-2006).

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