Clive Owen

Clive Owen

Gender: Male

Nationality: UK

Clive Owen is a famous English actor who was born on the 3rd of October 1964.

Clive Owen won a Golden Globe award and a BAFTA Award.

In the year 2004, Clive Owen was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the movie Closer.

Clive Owen first movie apprarance was in the the year1988 in the movies Vroom and Boon.

In the year 2007 Owen took role in the movies Elizabeth The Golden Age, Shoot 'Em Up.

In the year 2009 he took the lead role in the movies The International, Duplicity, The Boys Are Back.

In the year 2010 Clive Owen took role in the movie Sin City 2 and Inside Man 2.

In the year 2011 Clive Owen is to appear in the movie Spider Man 4.

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