Allan Theo

Allan Theo

Gender: Male

Nationality: France

Job Title: Singer

Allan Theo is a French singer.

Allan Théo was born on 11 April 1972 in Le Cher France. After finishing high-school and obtaining his French Baccalauréat (Littéraire), he graduates with a BTS in International Commerce.

He became mostly famous in the 90s, starting with the hit single Emmène-moi of 1998 which was followed by Lola and Sonar. He was the dream man of most teenage girls at the time.

He then decided to move away from his kitsch pop style for a more rock & roll image and music. After a few flops and unsuccessful albums (Soupir in 2002), Allan Theo disappeared to become a banker since no record label was interested in signing with him...

This went on up until June 2010, when he joins a virtual record label called "My Major Company", through which regular people can participate in producing the artist of their choice. Thanks to a sexy teaser video in which he appeared naked, he managed to collect the necessary funds to finance his new project. The result was a song called Je dérive, described by many as a homage to American Psycho, followed by an album called Libre (Free). Allan Theo takes on a bad-boy tattooed look in a trashy violent video, in which he drinks, smokes and does all sorts of 'drifts'. In another one, he engages in SM practices with two women. Although they got a lot of attention online, given their graphic nature, he didn't really make a come-back.

A year later, another French singer Samy Messaoud adopts a similar strategy and also appears naked in his music video.

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