Adrian Pasdar

Adrian Pasdar

Gender: Male

Nationality: United States

Adrian Pasdar full name is Adrian Kayvan Pasdar is a famous Iranian / American actor and film director.

Adrian Pasdar is became famous for his role as Jim Profit in the TV series called Profit. He was born on the 30th of April 1965 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Adrian Pasdar is also known for his roles in Near Dark, Mysterious Ways and as Nathan Petrelli on Heroes.

Adrian Pasdar played important roles in Famous television series such as Mysterious Ways, The Twilight Zone, Judging Amy, Desperate Housewives and Heroes.

He also directed the feature film Cement.

Adrian Pasdar father is an Iranian immigrant who worked as a cardiac surgeon, known as Homayoon Pasdar, who worked near Philadelphia.

Adrian Pasdar mother is a nurse from Germany known as Rosemarie Sberesny, she later became an english teacher and a known travel agent in France.

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