X Factor 2011 France

X Factor 2011 France

After a first season of X Factor on W9 (2009), X Factor 2011 France returns this time on M6.

To note that the concept of X Factor is a replacement of their earlier 'New Star' program, which was put to rest.

In X Factor 2011 France, anonymous aged between 16 to 99 years in Europe come and sing in front of a jury hoping to change their lives...

The jury members of X Factor 2011 France, include Veronic DiCaire, Christophe Willem, Olivier Schultheis and Henry Padovani.

The show is hosted by Jerome Anthony and Sandrine Corman.

The finalists and winners of X-Factor 2011 came as follows:

Girls below 25

- Sarah Manesse

- Charlene Gervais

- Marina D Amico (2ND PLACE IN X FACTOR 2011)

- Bérénice Schleret

- Audrey Passani

- Ana Dupont

Boys below 25

- Matthew Raymond-Barker (WINNER OF X FACTOR 2011)

- Slimane Nebchi

- Florian Giustiniani

- Raphaël Herrerias

- Mickaël Picquerey

- Sofiane Boncoeur

Candidates over 25

- Vincent Léoty

- Cécile Couderc

- Barry Johnson

- Maryvette Lair (3RD PLACE X FACTOR 2011- and our favorite!)

- Christophe Gillard

- Lilou Bourial

Bands and Groups

- Twem

- White Niggaz

- Omega band

- New Style Project

- Swalk

- Presteej

-2nde Nature (Nedjim Mahtallah)

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