Lel Nasher

Lel Nasher

Lel Nasher is a TV show hosted by Tony Khalifeh that airs every Saturday night at 8.30 pm on Al Jadeed TV.

Lel Nasher or Lil Nasher (Arabic for "Good for Publication") is a populist gossip program that mostly targets the uncultured lower and middle classes (though some upper class citizens have been known to watch it) with a focus on staged emotional drama, taboo topics and sensationalized news.

Lel Nasher is however especially famous for uncovering or shedding light on sex scandals related to pop celebrities, such as Razan Moghrabi, Nana singer, Amar singer, Elie Bassil etc..

Tony Khalife also tries to play the 'good' citizen on Lel Nasher, often giving his viewers lessons in morality and decency.

Lil Nasher is sometimes co-hosted with Dr Nabil Khoury.

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