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Al Jadeed News Rips Off BBC Music Theme

Al Jadeed News Rips Off BBC Music Theme

Al Jadeed TV (previously NewTV) has recently gone through a complete lifting, with an overall re-looking of its News section.

This included brand new segments, new sets and studios… and the cherry on the cake, a new News music theme. Unfortunately, the lighting on the sets was not carefully designed and the hosts look like bright phantoms, with their faces half blurred by bluish rays.
But what is mostly annoying, is the similarities between the Al Jadeed News generic music and the famous BBC news music theme! After a side-by-side inspection one cannot deny it is a clear rip-off! We are still not sure who composed it, but it could very well be Jean Keyrouz (we will get back to you with more information).

The BBC News 24 countdown is one of the most aired pieces of music on the BBC. It is so popular, they also made the music available online in an extended version for people to download.

The track was composed and later updated by David Lowe, who has also produced music for many other shows on the BBC.

Click here to listen to the BBC theme music

The 3-minute News 24 countdown version was remixed by many other artists, with some versions also used to introduce the Six O'clock news bulletin on BBC News.

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