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iPhone 3G vers the Original iPhone an Inside out comparison

iPhone 3G vers the Original iPhone an Inside out comparison

The New iPhone 3G introduced by apple inc across the world on the 11th of July has the same screen and basic dimensions as its predecessor, The new phone is a bit thicker than the original, but it feels smaller and easier to hold. With two visible screws at the bottom of the iPhone 3G. This is a bit of an odd design knowing Apple creative style designs.

One good thing about the new iPhone 3G is that it does not have a recessed head-phone jack. So now users no longer have to buy an extra accessory for iPhone-capable headphones. The new iPhone 3G can be used with any standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

While the older classic first generation iPhone used a needle pierced fingers to eject the SIM card, the new iPhone 3G comes with a cool SIM release-tool to eject the SIM card easily.

The New iPhone 3G feels a bit slower to use. Starting it up up from sleep, opening its Springboard, or even the accelerometer movement takes a fraction of a second more than the classic iPhone ver 1.0 .

Users who are accustomed to the classic iPhone may notice this slight difference; however this does not affect the general use of the device. This fraction of a delay maybe fixed with the next Firmware update, as it might not be due to the phone internal hardware modifications.

The new iPhone 3G has a noticeable difference in the quality of its speakers. The integrated speakers have clearer and louder sound when compared to the classic original iPhone introduced earlier. Hence finally the speakerphones can be used for a nicer music listening-experience.

The major and most noticeable feature is the inclusion of the Assisted GPS functionality to the new iPhone 3G.
Powered by Google Maps, Using the new iPhone A-GPS module, it takes less than 9 seconds to detect your position; this is a fast result which competes with other dedicated GPS systems. The Google Maps usability to give directions from-to driving is still a challenge. GPS enthusiasts might want to buy dedicated GPS applications which will integrate with the iPhone as a third party application.

Needless to say that the iPhone 3G includes a tri-band 3G connectivity for the first time in history, in addition to the HSDPA capabilities. When comparing the original iPhone with the new iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3G picked up full reception while the classic iPhone only got half the reception.

The new iPhone can use the Internet at Wi-Fi hotspots. iPhone 3G HSDPA speeds are much faster in receiving emails and browsing. It might take over 30 seconds to open a webpage, so over all the entire web browsing still needs improvement.

The new iPhone retains some of the classic iPhone flaws. The iPhone-crippled Bluetooth technology is still evident. The iPhone 3G will can connect to a Bluetooth headset using Mac or PC, however you can not transfer files, its merely used to make or receive phone-calls, For more information about the other disadvantages, make sure you read about the iPhone 3G Evident Flaws.

In summary the new iPhone 3G is sleeker, professional, with GPS and 3G technology. The current price of an 8G iphone 3G is 199$ with a service plan from a telecom provider, or $299 for the 16G iPhone 3G model.

In canada, Rogers and Fido are the only providers for the iPhone 3G, you can check the Rogers Stores in Toronto for a complete list of stores selling the iphone in toronto canada.

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