Bassel Khoury Jordan

Bassel Khoury Jordan

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Gender: Male

Nationality: Jordan

Bassel Khoury also known as Basel Khouri is a 23 years old male singer who was born on the 11th of May 1987 in Amman, Jordan.

Bassel has an extraordinary musical talent which became obvious to his family when he was just a kid.

Bassel Khoury started performing for audience when he was in school at the age of six yeard old. Basel now is a grown man, and his love for music has grown strong since that day, he now plays the guitar, drums and piano.

Bassel Khoury started his career by participated in many summer festivals, where he and his band performed for more that three years. In 2005, Basel Khoury formed a band called ‘Vengo Band’. Lately, Basel decided that musical career should move forward and he auditioned for Star Academy hoping to be the first Jordanian who gets the title.

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