Noel Jammal

Noel Jammal

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Noel Jammal is a Lebanese Formula1 driver (F3), based in Madrid.

Noel Jammal was born in Madrid on 3rd March 1990. After graduating from High School (Valley Forge Military Academy and College '08 - Institut Moderne Du Liban '08), he attended Valley Forge Military College and the Lebanese American University.

Noel Jammal's first steps in motorsports was in 1999, when he won a local Spanish bike racing championship. In 2008, he started racing Karts before racing the big boys in Formula1 (F3 to be exact).

Noel Jammal is part of the Cedars Motorsport team, founded by his father. Noel was European F3 Open - Copa de España champion 2010 (Class C or Copa F306/300), and came in second in 24H Series - A3T 2010. Jammal made 17 races-9 podiums-3 pole positions with 5 fastest race laps.

Noel Jammal is getting ready to take part in the new season on April 15, 2011. If he does well this year in the championship, he will be probably jumping into GP2. Noel has expressed his desire to go into Formula1...

Noel Jammal is engaged to Julieta Villanueva.

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