Moe Bannout

Moe Bannout

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Moe Bannout is a Lebanese IFBB professional bodybuilder.

Moe Bannout's real name is Mohammad Bannout, and was born on December 17th 1976 in Beirut ; He is the cousin of former Mr Olympia Samir Bannout.

Moe Bannout has won many titles and awards including:
-The hero of heroes of Lebanon 2002
-The hero of heroes of Lebanon 2003
-The hero of heroes of Lebanon 2004
-The hero of heroes of Lebanon 2005
-Fifth in the Arab Championship in Jordan 2005
-The hero of heroes Arabs in Amman 2006
-A 3rd world champion in South Korea 2007
-7th place in IRON MAN Comptition 2009
-10th place in Phoenix Pro 2010

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