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The World Book Capital 2009 is Beirut

The World Book Capital 2009 is Beirut

The UNESCO has nominated the Capital city of Lebanon, Beirut as the World Book Capital for the year 2009.

As a result of this nomination, the Ministry of Culture started a partnership approach with international NGOs, ministries, embassies and cultural institutions.

Its purpose is to create a true cultural dynamic at the entire national level.
Beirut World Book Capital 2009 has three objectives, which are made possible with proper relations with publishers, schools and embassies.

One of the main objectives of the Beirut World Book Capital 2009 is to strengthen the book industry in Lebanon. This objective is making booksellers and publishers excited especially when the focus is towards youth.

The other objective is to encourage reading among young people; such an objective will be met directly through school education and promotions in schools.

The Third objective which is set for the World Book Capital is to encourage a diversified approach to the different cultures from around the world. This objective will be met by relationships with embassies who are interested in the by inviting writers from their countries.

The event attracted Novelists from France, Poets from Germany, Book publishers from Italy, Designers and illustrators from Spain.

Booksellers and Publishers from Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates are all part of this cultural event of its kind.

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