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Six Mice - voted as the best default homepage

Six Mice - voted as the best default homepage

A recent study showed that the website also known as 6Mice has been selected as the fastest growing internet default homepage.

The website has been launched in Canada in the mid of January and has got more than 1 million visitors in the first week itself.

Many people are talking about the practicality of the site and the easy of use. From SixMice website you can click and go to your favortie most visited websites such as: Google, Gmail, Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, CNN, Facebook, Wikipedia and much more.

"There is no need for me to type in or or even everyday. I visit those sites daily but cannot waste time to type the address. I find SixMice to be very practical." Says Lynda Bayer from British Colombia, Canada.

"I had as my default page for years, but I use Gmail and Yahoo too and it’s very silly to go to my favorites or type the address when I can simply click on the logo. Its amazing, i have made 6Mice my default homepage and i will not be changing it" Says John Swimmer from Orlando, USA. also gives you the option of adding your own links with one click of a button.

Imagine if you can add your favorite links and use them daily in one click… This is all made possible by the award winning website

The site can also be accessed from