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Should I Buy or Sell Nortel Stock?

Should I Buy or Sell Nortel Stock?

Investing in stocks in a big risk, at least for beginners. Even Experts have a hard time making the right decision of buying or selling a particular stock. Now when you are talking about Nortel Network stock you have to be very careful, especially that the current market is so much unpredictable. In addition Nortel stock which once used to be at high is now so low and at risk of getting delisted from the exchange all together.

In summary, Now is the perfect time to buy the Nortel stock because it is very low, the lowest ever.

However the advice is to play safe and invest in a low amount, 1000$ of Nortel shares is good enough if you can afford to lose the amount. The 1000$ might get you 2000 to 3000 shares as of end of 2008 stock value. This is good but remember that Nortel networks which is based in Canada might go bankrupt, so you have to be careful as you might lose all your investment.

The final decision of buying or selling a Nortel stock is up to you, we cannot be help responsible for your next action based on our advice.

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