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Orange Television - OTV

Orange Television - OTV

The OTV dream was born from a popular need for an unbiased source of information that addresses the challenges facing the nation through objective analysis and effective solutions.

OTV aims to operate under specialized, qualified and dedicated management as an independent and diversified Television Station with the motto (For the People, By the People), and to offer a grid of programs allying the entertaining and the cultural while promoting modernism, freedom and democracy.

Our goal is to become a preeminent model of a just, impartial and independent media that goes beyond the call of duty and dares to tackle the most sensitive and important issues facing our nation, the region and the world.

OTV is true to its motto "For the people, By the people".

OTV intends to perpetuate true freedom of expression by setting new standards for innovation, independence, impartiality, and diversity in the media arena. It will adopt a positive and constructive approach in furthering the development of the Lebanese society.

OTV thrives to remain "Sovereign, Free and Independent".

OTV Mission is to launch and operate a "Different" land and satellite OTV station that:
Promotes modernism, freedom and democracy through culturally enlightening and entertaining programs.
Imparts a youthful and dynamic image while sustaining a genuine authenticity.
Broadcasts a diverse, yet consistent, show grid that combines various television genres and preferences.
Transmits from the Lebanese territory and covers the four corners of the globe.
Creates an interactive link between the Lebanese residents in Lebanon and the Lebanese Diaspora throughout the world.
Targets all Lebanese in particular and Arabs in general.

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