New TV Sat

New TV Sat

The launch of New TV took place on October 4th, 2001 at the Sheraton Beach hotel during a press conference. Prominent VIP's from the ministry of information, official government as well as advertising agencies, their major clients and media representatives from Lebanon and Arab countries attended the gala dinner that followed afterwards.

Prior to the reception, the guests entered an unexpected maze. This unusual and creative act, meant to reflect New TV's new concept: full coverage of the news-events that are void of distortion. Today New TV is speeding up its efforts to reach the public in terms of credibility, uniqueness, audaciousness and tenaciousness. There will no longer be any barriers in front of people's beliefs. As of today, news will hold a brand new meaning stressing on decision, independence and a scathing sense of humor, New TV will position itself as a third millennium television station.

Upright and professional experts are committed to bring back into the audiovisual domain forgotten values such as impartiality, honesty, understanding and independence. New TV will carry a motto: Respecting the public and being respected by the public. It knows that people are thirsty for values. Thus New TV will remain the absolute and complete answer to the public's needs. It will listen, understand, evolve, share, communicate and merge constantly with the TV viewers in order to be their ultimate echo.

Aiming at fulfilling the public's needs, New TV offers a whole new range of programs that match all tastes. It includes some great and recent local productions as well as a selection of the most interesting and famous international series. New TV is concluding agreements with satellite companies such as Arab sat, Nile Sat and Eutel Sat, just to name a few, with the aim to be watched in 5 continents.

Without any doubt, New TV, with its dazzling freedom will obviously mark a new beginning in the scene.

Important Update
In the year 2006, New TV renamed itself to Al Jadeed Television. Make sure you visit the updated encyclopedia information page of Al Jadeed TV.

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