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Mobi Wireless Internet, Typically Lebanese!

Mobi Wireless Internet, Typically Lebanese!

Poor us!

Do we have to be constantly reminded that we Lebanese live for image and show off, and a quick buck or two?! Who says image, says advertising of course. And what bright advertising strategies we have in this country! Well at least for some.

After we were bombarded with First National Bank's Plastic Surgery Loan, all our streets are now soiled with Mobi’s new spring deal (44% discount). So

what is Mobi you ask?

“Mobi is a true Mobile Broadband Wireless Access provided by Cedarcom. Mobi keeps individual and corporate users connected securely anytime, anywhere they happen to be. Stay connected in your office, home, at your client's office, your friend's place, beach resort, in the countryside and even in the car while on the move…basically everywhere you are!” (Taken from their

Very appealing, wouldn’t you say???

This is how their slogan goes:
"Remember how your life changed when you got your 1st mobile phone? Now imagine how it's going to be with MOBI™... Your 1st mobile internet!"

Well anyway they surely deliver what they advertise for!!! Exactly what they say! Honest to god! Tell me, who can forget the first time the cell phone was introduced in Lebanon?! There was never any signal! ...still there isn’t in some areas actually.

Well this is exactly what mobi is like! I was all excited about it when I saw the ad, because I have been thinking about purchasing the modem and all its accessories (antenna etc.) for a while now, but was a bit hesitant because of its high price. So I thought to myself, this is your chance boy!

I went to the nearest dealer here in Elyssar where I live, to get my mobi.

Even though everyone I knew complained about the poor services, I insisted I wanted my very own “mobi experience”. After all I wanted to benefit from the discount ;) Who doesn’t like a discount, right? To my astonishment, they were out of mobis and have been so for a while now.

It seems they had repeatedly contacted the provider to inform them about the situation, but had received a poor response. Just like their poor signal.

Actually I had visited this shop (one of the most prominent ones in that region, yalla di3eyeh zghireh ma3leyh) a few months earlier to inquire about the product.

Apart from the high price, I remember the poor signal was an issue (even though our area was supposedly covered!) and we were told that in a few months time a new installation will be placed in the Metn region to strengthen it. Well, dream on! Apparently, the company felt it could do much more profits if it served the UN in the south instead. This is where ALL the new installations were placed!!! So now as I am here complaining, some “casque bleu” in the south is happy on his mobi. Or maybe not, who knows lol serves him right ;)

So what’s the moral of this story?

For that, let’s go back a few years… back to the good old days when I was a hot young lad who made all the girls at uni melt (yeah right! Never happened).

I have to admit I slept throughout most of my business classes back in university. But still I remember the golden rule in advertising. You should never pay one cent on advertising before the distribution of your product and its widespread availability on the market is secured. So where is the pretty product I ask?

I guess I will just have to stick with old fashion dial up modem for now.

To be continued…

Article written by E.M,

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