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Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation - LBC

Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation - LBC

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) was launched over Beirut and Al-Matn Airwaves in August 23 1985. During that time Lebanon was living a political unrest with a military conflagration, and a popular despair. It was the worst time to start Lebanon's first private TV station.

According to LBC Itself, The group of young and determined people who put together LBC knew that it was going to be a baptism of fire. But they had no idea how hot it was going to get. After five years of success and popular acclaim, LBC faced a formidable challenge when, in 1989, the chaos in Lebanon took a turn for the worse after Lebanese army commander General Michel Aoun declared the war of liberation. The LBC premises were periodically targeted by the heavy shelling which raged uninterruptedly for six months. Throughout that time, the staff moved all the equipment to the basement where they set up makeshift offices. Working and sleeping underground, the staff ensured the station never went off the air for a single day.

During the fierce fighting which erupted in 1990 in Lebanon, LBC offices were again hit and damaged. Despite all this, LBC never once went off the air. The LBC team had risen to the challenge of time and war everytime.

The biggest test was presented to LBC on July 23 1992 when, without any warning, the Lebanese government forced LBC to evacuate its Jounieh location.

To LBC and its members, it was a race against time , More than 50 trucks moved the station equipment and offices before the lebanese government troops took over the building.

It only took one day to move everything to the new location in Adma several kilometers away from the old location.

The 8 pm Night Newscast was broadcasted on time from a very basic studio.

With the end of the civil war in Lebanon, exciting new opportunities arose for the newly-renamed LBC International. After confronting and overcoming years of difficulties, LBC International now faces a challenge of another kind as it consolidates its resources - both human and material - and prepares to take a quantum leap forward into the future of national and international mass communication.

In April 1996, LBC launched LBCSAT also known as LBC Al Fadaia Al Lubnania, a free satellite channel broadcasting to the arab world and north africa. LBCSat broadcasted 22 hours a day since January 1997 and continued to rank number one in the Middle East.

Shortly after that, and in a period of only three months, are launched three new encrypted channels: LBC Europe, LBC America, and LBC Australia.

LBC Europe is broadcasts 16 hours a day while LBC Americas and LBC Australia broadcast 24/24hr.

It is through such continual achievements that LBC International & LBC Al Fadaia Al Lubnania fulfill their ambition to be a world-class TV networks that are close as a communication medium for the future.

Today LBC channels operate under the umbrella of LBC Group which holds all the channels together. LBC Website is a well reputed media source where many viewers watch the special paid service of LBC Web-TV. The news can be watched for free during air time at 8PM Lebanon Time. Special subscription fees may arise if you wish to watch the archived videos of your favorite programs.

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