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Lebanon Links Introduces Major Changes

Lebanon Links Introduces Major Changes

It has been almost 4 months since our developers were working on Lebanon Links Search Engine. A beta test on our crawling engine was done on the first of july and it was very useful to feed our engine with data from lebanese websites.

The more websites we will add in the future, the better the quality of the search results.

Our engine will be visiting your website (if it already is in our database) and will update your relevant site information automatically based on the content of your mainpage.

Currently Lebanon Links holds information about your website name, description, keywords and now about your website content.

In addition to the site search technology, and starting the 18th of July, Lebanon Links visitors will see a change in the mainpage navigation.

We are introducing a new way to publish articles on the site. Our editors will be able to publish articles in several areas in one click.

You will be able to have an archive of our articles at the tip of your fingers.

Last but not least, Our RSS Feeds will be more specialized giving the publishers a new way to see our content based on their preferences.