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Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas

So the Holiday and Christmas day is getting closer and you are out of ideas for your your Christmas gifts. Don't worry, we have got the best list of great christmas gift ideas for the year 2008 and many years to come.

We are going to list the best gift ideas in town and around the world based on price range as well as the relation of the person you want to send the gift to.

Lets us start the journey into the world of great christmas shopping ideas.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms (Mothers)
Makeup Set (price range: $50 - $250)
Photo Frame with your photo and your moms (price range: $10 - $100)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads (Fathers)
Tie and Cufflinks (price range: $100 - $250)
Razor Set (price range: $50 - $150)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Sisters
Sweater and Skirt ($50 - $100)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Brothers
iPhone 3G ($500 - $900)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids (Girls and Boys)
Xbox 360, Wii ($150 - $300)
Playstation 2 ($100 - $150)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend
Sexy Lingerie ($50 - $150)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend
Playstation 3 ($250 - $500)
Perfume ($50 - $150)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Just friends
Basket with Choloclates ($20 - $100)
Candle Set ($10 - $40)

If you have other ideas for a nice christmas gift, Share it with others, talk about it on this page. Good luck with your last minute christmas gift shopping!

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