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BlackBerry Storm touchscreen mobile

BlackBerry Storm touchscreen mobile

Research in Motion (RIM) the company behind the famous BlackBerry mobile phone has launched by the end of 2008 the first long waited and rumored touchscreen phone. A new competitor to the Apple i-Phone was born, the new Blackberry Storm is finally out.

The BlackBerry Storm, also sometimes known as Blackberry Thunder, is the first touchscreen smartphone, launched exclusively on Verizon Wireless network, this is not a surprise as the issue of exclusivity started when Apple teamed with AT&T in the United States and teamed with Rogers wireless and Fido to release the iPhone in north America.

Some of the specs and features of the Black-berry Storm are actually better than the iPhone itself. One that strikes first. The camera in the blackberry Storm is 3.2-megapixel camera with an auto-focus, this is much better than the iPhone 2-megapixel camera.

To add to the nice features of the BlackBerry Storm, it comes with a removable memory and a removable battery, something which is considered as a drawback in the iPhone 3G. The biggest advantage of the Strom Blackberry is that is comes with picture messaging, a feature that is still not found in the iPhone.

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