Ziad Boutros

Ziad Boutros

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Composer

Ziad Boutros is a Lebanese composer, musician and writer. Ziad Boutros is the brother of Lebanese singer, Julia Boutros.

Ziad had accompanied his sister throughout her musical career. Ziad Boutros has composed almost all of her songs.

Ziad Boutros is a very talented artist, he has composed music for very famous songs which made its way to the very top of music in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Ziad Boutros worked on Saket and Shou Amelteli bel Balad, very famous national songs for Lebanese singer Zein El Omr.

Other artists who worked with Ziad Boutros include Lattifa and Joe Ashkar and many others.

On the third season of Future TV Superstar, Ziad Boutros joined the three judges of the program, Elias Rahbani, Fadia Tanab and Abdullah Al Good.

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