Wassim El Farissi

Wassim El Farissi

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Wassim El Farissi also known as Wassim Al Farisi is a Lebanese singer.

Wassim El Farisi is one of the winners in Studio El Fan 2001.

One year after his appearance in the talent show, he released his first album entitled Endi Harakat which included 6 amazing songs:

Bhebha Ktir
Endi Harakat
Lee Annak Haddi
Gouwa Albi Tenam
Ahwak Aktar
Lessa An Houbi Btisaal

Wassim disappeared for many years and came back to the scene in 2011 with a hit song called El Aahsee Ma Binam (The lover does not sleep).

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